Furniture that renovation is flexible

Furniture that renovation is flexible

I do not know who it lives in.

A few days ago I found something unusual in the garden. It is probably a bird's nest. Probably because the master of the nest was out. I do not know where it was from tree branches, vinyl tapes, and where I brought it, but it was made exquisitely, there was a space that was certainly suitable for living there. I just did not realize it or just did not notice, I do not know if it was there before, but I was impressed unexpectedly because it was made to be undetectable from other natural enemies.

However, I am in trouble that the Lord is absent. I am not going to watch the nest all the midnight, but I can merely pass by, but I do not see the appearance of the Lord and I am anxious about who you live in. From the size of the nest, guessing as if it is a bird that is not so big, if a big bird such as a crow comes close, one person will worry and become disgusted. Until now, I have lived a long time since I built a house, but this time for the first time a nest was made like this time. It may be temporary temporary residence, but still being happy I was honestly able to choose our house to make a house. I do not know how much it will be, but I want you to stay comfortable and spend it.

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