Furniture that renovation is flexible

Furniture that renovation is flexible

I have a new family in my house

My only daughter left home from college entry. It makes me feel like I can do anything by myself and I am feeling loneliness at the same time that I am glad as a parent that it will not touch my hands. The young people disappeared, and the residence became lively. So I consulted with my husband and decided to welcome a new family. Labrador Retriever is a baby and a girl. Originally, my family liked dogs, but daily walks became a matter of concern, and I was hesitant to keep. However, my daughter has also left, and I was able to afford even on my mind with time, so I decided it was a good timing. It is totally my house idol.

Because my daughter has gone, I blown away the loneliness I felt as Pokkari, and I got lively in my house and it was more lively than when my daughter was there. Moreover, every time my daughter took a break at my pet dog, I came back to home. And there was a pleasant change whether it is an unexpected byproduct. That is, my daughter and her husband who did not have much conversation got to interact with each other on a dog dog talk, sending a picture of a pet dog by e - mail, telling the status of the situation. Although the protagonist is a dog dog to the last, her husband seems to be pleased with having her take care of her. Although I am still in a bad day, I am sincerely thankful that I have brought change and joy to my house as a member of a new family.

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